open for ALL CATEGORIES will be celebrated at the ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE in Seville – Spain, on September 17th. To participate in this event, please apply for the invitation at Another wonderful event that you cannot miss is the MR & MS IFBB ELITE PRO WORLD SHOWDOWN To be celebrated on November 19TH in
This past weekend took place the magnificent event of San Martin Inter Island, organized under the presidency of Francois Carty and from this spectacular Caribbean island. In the championship were winners athletes such as Kenroy Christian representing Antigua and Barbuda, Andrea Thompson from Barbados, Kemberly Greenaway also from Antigua and Barbuda and Sherrezade Toledo from


In the month of October, two magnificent professional Bikini Fitness events will take place in Australia. Newly added to the Elite Pro calendar; On October 23 and 30, the competitors of this spectacular category will have an appointment at the Elite Pro Diamond Cup in the city of Perth, followed by the Bikini Elite Pro