• Athletes who got the professional status before September 2017 they may join directly to IFBB Elite Pro.
  • All category winners of the World and Continental Championships.
  • At each Elite Pro Qualifier events: IFBB Elite Pro Cards will be available to athletes as stated on the Main Information / Inspection Report.
  • IFBB Elite Pro may offer Wild Cards for specifical reason. To request a Wild Card please contact to info@eliteprocard.com

To apply for the IFBB Elite Pro Card, athletes should contact info@eliteprocard.com and fulfill the documents that will be provided.

Once the IFBB Elite Pro Card is approved, the athletes will pay their annual membership at https://app.eliteprocard.com/new-licence.

The athlete will receive the password to access to their profile and register for any competition at https://app.eliteprocard.com/licence-access

Any athlete that has obtain the Pro Card is available to apply for its activation between the period of one year staring from the day they have obtained.

The ELITE PRO COMPANY Cards must be renewed each calendar year on or before 31st January. Renewals made after this date will be valid but subject to an increased fee. This will not be applicable for new cardholders. IFBB Elite Pro Card expired at the end of the year.

You can download your IFBB ELITE PRO CARD digitally and include the picture you want to have on it.

Once the payment is done you can log into your account trough the following website, and download it.


All athletes must register through our website at

https://app.eliteprocard.com/ using the password that they have received in their email.

Athletes will be able only to see and register the events in which their category is included.



In IFBB Elite Pro competitions, there is no possibility to register in more than one category in the same event.

All events are updated directly in our website and in our PDF Calendar in https://eliteprocard.com/events/

 As soon as we received the information we include in our site and inform through our social media.

– To have placed in TOP 3 at the 2022 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships

– To be winner of a category at any of the IFBB Elite Pro Shows held during the 2022-2023 season

– To place in the TOP 10 at the 2022-2023 IFBB Elite Pro Ranking in your division

*If any of the competitors placed at the TOP 10 had already qualified as a category winner, the next competitors in the list will be qualified for the 2023 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships.

All information about IFBB Elite Pro is included in our RULES that you can find in the following link:



any other questions we are always happy to assist you at info@eliteprocard.com