The last category to compete in this first year in IFBB Elite PRO is this division;: Bodyfitness and the russian Olesya was the first to win in it. So she is already qualified to the PRO World Championships. Her shape, quality muscle and presentation were enough to take the gold medal. Giusy Dezio (Italy) and
In the second competition in Bodybuilding, these two men were the winners in their classes (+ 90 and – 90 kilos). Netherland (Muzzo) and Algeria (Abdelkader) were the countries from they traveled to Milano. In the heaviest division Muzzo was the champion over 9 compeittors in a very though line up, but his size, shape


This letter was delivered to IFBB Headquarters from Miha Sihvonen (Finland): “I waited 15 years before I compete the first time and it was this April at Fitness Classic in Finland. I placed second and my friend who won, he suggested to me that I should compete in Diamond Cup Portugal and Amateur Olympia in