LA HISPANIOLA IFBB ELITE PRO NIGHT, GREAT SUCCESS! The past February 24th, the Teatro La Fiesta in the Hotel Jaragua in the capital of the Dominican Republic was performing this first year contest in IFBB Elite PRO season. Around a thousand persons attended this amazing sport competition in a very enthusiastic way; the local crowd
THE IFBB Elite PRO SEASON STARTS AT LA HISPANIOLA!! Next weekend will start the 2018 PRO season in this amazing caribbean island. Dominican Republic will be the starting point in this exiting 2018: a new era in the PRO Bodybuilding World. On Saturday evening at the Jaragua Hotel, 3 PRO classes (Bodybuilding, Men´s Physique and
EUROPEAN PRO ROUTE 2018!! +150.000€ in Prize Money awards!! The first season in Europe bring a lot of money prizes for this first time in IFBB ELITE PRO contests. Around 200.000 $ will be given in prizes for the top5 finalists in the next contest in Europe – Nafplio Greece March 22-24 (50.000 €) Bodybuilding


ARNOLD CLASSICS BRAZIL 2018 IFBB Elite PRO The first 5 athletes inscribed will be provided free accommodation Next April 20th – 22th will perform the 2018 IFBB Elite PRO contest in this giant southamerican country. 40.000 $ in prize would be a powerful reason in order to compete in one of the best stages in
  IFBB CONSISTENTLY GROWING, IN THE USA, UNDER WAYNE DeMILIA’s LEADERSHIP Dave Follansbee, a current IFBB Elite Pro, a former NPC Chairman, a former NPC Judge, a former Pro League Judge and a former 7-time USPF National Powerlifting Champion has been named Vice President of the New England area, by IFBB Physique America President, Mr.